Kids are sent to school considering the fact that there is an experienced hand to guide them and also a safe environment promoting growth.  We also accept the fact that infrastructure plays a budding hand in creating a favourable environment for a child’s growth.

Our infrastructure is a well furnished wifi enabled building which includes spacious and well ventilated classrooms with facilities like light, fans, comfortable seatings and tables and blackboards for the students. To aid the process of learning, we also have an AV room with a projector. With technological support, our skilled teachers provide guidance to each individual. The emphasis is on making every classroom session interesting and interactive.

We are equipped with a multi purpose hall used for daily assemblies and activities ranging from Yoga and indoor games.

Our school is also secured with CCTV’s in each floorand in each classroom and attention from the staff. The entry and exit dooris also secured with a lock system and a CCTV and monitored by staff. No child will be released to an unknown person without prior written authorization.

We have a reception area , administrative room, Principal’s room and other rooms to ensure smooth functioning of a school and ours is a parent friendly school and we ensure dedicated service to the visitors, parents and children.